“Everyone has secrets, Rory. One of life’s greatest challenges is figuring out who you can trust them with.”

Aurora Reynolds has managed to make some powerful enemies in the past two weeks. And it’s clear they want her, and her secrets, dead.

After achieving the impossible: freeing Jordan Daniels, a federal prisoner accused of treason, Rory hoped her life might finally go back to normal. But after surviving an assassination attempt, Rory realizes her problems are just beginning.  Now that she’s been forced to consort with the band of rebels working to defeat The Dream, Rory is unsure where her loyalties truly lie. It doesn’t help that Jordan, the one man she thought she could trust, doesn’t remember anything except snippets from the former life he shared with his dead wife.

As Rory sets out to connect the puzzle pieces from others’ memories, she stumbles down a pathway of discoveries about herself and The Dream’s frightening ultimate goal. And when an unexpected, distant ally emerges, Rory joins in the race against the clock to stop the unthinkable from happening. But with only a portion of the facts, is Rory choosing to trust the wrong people? Will powerful influences succeed in once again distorting the truth, or can Rory finally learn to trust her intuition and silence those adamant on controlling her and the world forever?

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