Ten memories. Infinite secrets.

21-year-old Aurora Reynolds is an artist in the canvas of the mind.

Fighting against the terrorist organization using the weather as a weapon, Rory has the ability to navigate a suspect’s subconscious to find their most guarded secret and exploit the intel they’re hiding. And she’s the best the country has ever seen.

Too bad the rest of her life isn’t so glamorous. A lazy, entitled boyfriend, raising her rebellious teenage sister alone, and attempting to make the ramen in the cupboard stretch for another meal are just a handful of the problems Rory juggles in addition to saving the world.  

When an accused high-level terrorist is brought to Rory, she’s shocked to find his memories of falling in love instead of the expected nefarious plot.  The heart-racing yet confusing love story Rory uncovers causes her to question everything from her own convoluted relationship to the mission itself. The discoveries Rory makes in her journey for the truth bring her to a set of crossroads, both personally and professionally.

Can Rory afford to gamble with the safety of an entire nation based on revelations from a man accused of treason? Or will the consequences be much costlier if she chooses not to follow her heart?

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