Ten memories. Infinite secrets.

21-year-old Aurora Reynolds is an artist in the canvas of the mind.

Fighting against the terrorist organization using the weather as a weapon, Rory has the ability to navigate a suspect’s subconscious to find their most guarded secret and exploit the intel they’re hiding. And she’s the best the country has ever seen.

Too bad the rest of her life isn’t so glamorous. A lazy, entitled boyfriend, raising her rebellious teenage sister alone, and attempting to make the ramen in the cupboard stretch for another meal are just a handful of the problems Rory juggles in addition to saving the world.

“Everyone has secrets, Rory. One of life’s greatest challenges is figuring out who you can trust them with.”

Aurora Reynolds has managed to make some powerful enemies in the past two weeks. And it’s clear they want her, and her secrets, dead.

After achieving the impossible: freeing Jordan Daniels, a federal prisoner accused of treason, Rory hoped her life might finally go back to normal. But after surviving an assassination attempt, Rory realizes her problems are just beginning.  Now that she’s been forced to consort with the band of rebels working to defeat The Dream, Rory is unsure where her loyalties truly lie. It doesn’t help that Jordan, the one man she thought she could trust, doesn’t remember anything except snippets from the former life he shared with his dead wife.

“Everyone else has the luxury of forgetting. But I never will.”

Aurora Reynolds stopped the terrorists controlling the weather, saved New York City from an unthinkable attack, and destroyed the Dream Machine. She should be a hero. So then why won’t anyone listen to her?

Rory knows something isn’t right. Corrupt people are still in power, strange weather is happening in Europe, and her attempts at warning the public are being silenced. Even Noah, Jordan, and Emma seem more interested in moving on with their lives than finishing the fight they started together. And don’t even get her started on her sister, Fifi—having the summer of her life studying art (and European men) in Spain.